Selection Of The Fittest; A Theory

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In the last post I spoke a little about the simple joy of packing camping gear into a camper/trailer that I towed behind my bike. That was indeed an exercise in excess, rather than packing. It amounted to nothing more than moving the whole total of my gear selection from their place on the storage shelves into the camper, then balance the load and go. As that camper/trailer is long gone, these days I have returned to the primal process I call my theory of “Selection Of The Fittest.”

It is a Darwinian approach to selecting camping gear based on attributes that are best suited to the trip you are packing for. Each type of motorcycle camping adventure and the expectations of the rider/camper requires adjustments in equipment. Gearing up for a short trip is different than planning a month long cross-country trip or setting up a weeklong rally camping trip. Each of those three examples comes with different camping and traveling agendas and, as a result, different equipment lists.

Those three examples conveniently describe what I view as the three most common scenarios that most motorcycle campers will need to plan for. Let’s call them in order: Weekending, Sojourning and Rallying. Over time I will explore all three of those types of trips and share my opinions on equipment, techniques and of course tasty recipes. First up will be weekending as that is what I am currently doing and this also forms the basis for the other two variations in planning and expectations.

Since these will be subjects and discussions that I expect we will refer to from time to time I will divide them into separate posts.

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