Biker Billy Cooks with Fire

Biker Billy Cooks with Fire

Why a zip code with the newsletter?

To better inform you about Biker Billy events near you.

I have always looked at this newsletter as a way of staying in touch with you the people who enjoy Biker Billy stuff and want to know what is happening. I accept it as a trust that I will not sell your email address or bombard your inbox with junk.

My plan is to bring the newsletter up to a more interesting level by using the capabilities of faster Internet speeds and web 2.0 design abilities. The goal is to launch the updated newsletter in 2012.

The zip code will help me send special announcements of events and appearances to people near the event. This way if you live in California I won't send you a special email announcement for a Florida show. It will also allow me to ask promoters for a special deal on admission or some other goodie for you.

Additionally I will be able to see roughly where there are concentrations of folks who might be interested in my show so I can make a better effort to bring the shows around your area.

This will take time to get completely implemented since there are thousands of folks already on the email list as it is currently configured whose zip codes are not attached. But to make advancements I have to start somewhere.

I hope you will continue to accept my promise that your privacy is something I guard and I invite you to join the new newsletter list!

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