The Moleman Effect

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Lately I have been experiencing a strange effect, it started a while ago and has turned my nights into days.  The result of this foray into the world of nocturnal laboring has made me feel like a mole. Now as I am surfacing from the dark of night I can relate to the ground hog rising out of his burrow to test for spring; or perhaps more like a mole thrust into the blinding sunlight by the farmer’s shovel.  Fortunately unlike the doomed mole I did not get wacked on the noggin by that farmer’s shovel.

Yes I have been pulling some all nighters, working some nights to 5:30 AM, dang it feels like being in college all over again, sans the keggers that is.  Well actually I am back in college (on a limited basis) but that is only part of the reason.  Last year I decided I wanted to learn web programming and development, the purpose being to update my website and develop some new web based projects.

So these recent all nighters have been a cross between studying PHP programming and doing the homework, which is both challenging and fun.  It is so cool when the light bulbs go off and I see the logic and the beauty in the code.  It really is not that hard to learn.  It just takes time in good measures and quiet to focus, hence the burning of late night oil.

The other thing that has kept me up working till near dawn has been the website update itself.  You can see a part of it in the banner for the “Biker Billy’s Irons in the Fire Blog” that you are reading.  That is the basic look of the new website banner, of course the text is different, reading “Biker Billy Cooks with Fire” for the website.  I am very excited about the revamp of the website.  It has been a long time in coming, and a lot of work.  If all continues according to plan I will be launching it next week after Daytona Bike Week is over.  This seems like a good way to celebrate spring and launch into a new riding season.

So stay tuned I will be posting it here when the new website design goes live, till then I hope you can get out and ride for the Moleman says “eat your shadow ground hog cause spring has sprung!”

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